Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I've dabbled in several blogs that have gone nowhere, but lately the idea of a chess-centric one has taken root. I've enjoyed writing since high school where I 'became' a poet (aren't we all born that way?) but have not found the outlet I need to get creative and keep writing consistently since then.

Several things have spurred me to write about chess:

1) I taught my 8-year old to play over the summer
2) I started playing again after several years away
3) I haven't found any blogs about chess in Maryland

So here's what I've got on tap to get things going in the coming weeks and months:

-Last night my wife suggested a day-trip to the battlefields at Gettysburg or maybe Luray Caverns. Almost immediately I had the idea that whichever place we go, I should take my chess set and get a picture of me playing chess there...because that'd be kinda cool...I think :)
-I'm trying to consistently work an improvement plan and am looking to play in my first tournament December 8th and then the Baltimore Open in January (I'd estimate myself around 1100 USCF, perhaps? I'm about 1450 on FICS)
-My daughter played in her first tournament a couple weekends ago and wouldn't commit to playing another until I after I promised to help her get better

Welcome to my Chess Adventures!

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