Friday, November 23, 2007

Improvements and Concessions

Yay for a day off!

-I got the post previews to work- if anyone has any issues, let me know. The 'Read More' link may appear on posts without more content, which is a limitation of Blogger, I think. They have a tutorial, of sorts, on how to make previews work, but leave it "as an exercise for the reader" to figure out how to make 'Read More' go away when there is no more. Huh.

-I added a lot of blogs and sites to the sidebar. Right now, I'm just going to deal with some links wrapping. I don't want to force side to side scrolling for people who don't have a 1024x768 or higher display. Maybe in the future.

-I'm linking blogs by blog title, not blogger name. I've seen both ways on other blogs, sometimes a mix of both and I'm gonna try to be consistent this way. If I ever expand the sidebar, I'll add blogger names to the links if they'll fit.

Hopefully I'll update this later today with more done.

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