Monday, November 26, 2007

PGN Viewer Test

So...I just killed some more time seeking out a decent, low maintenance, easy to use integrated PGN Viewer. I'm hoping a body or two will take a peek at the earlier post 'Sometimes winning feels like you heart will explode' and compare loading times of the 'Read More' to the integrated game after the jump here:

Does the viewer take too long? How's it look?

ADD: Duh. I should say, clearly, that its Chess Publisher's viewer.


  1. I don't really notice any speed issues, but I have a speedy connection.

    One thing I'm wondering is about all the jumps! If the article's long, that's fine, but it's even insome short ones! Maybe ask the readers how they feel?

    The jump is actually a really good idea for the PGN viewer though, and I think I'll start doing it. The people who just need to hit the front page aren't slowed down, and the people who look at the games know to expect a bit of delay.

  2. Never mind my comment about the jumps...just read where you said it seems to be a limitation of Blogger. (I use WordPress, so can't give you any insight...)

  3. Heh :) I've been looking for some other ways of doing it. I've found a few sites that make the Blogger directions easier to follow, but nothing to make it conditional, yet.

    The jumps should only be on the front page. Once a post falls off, the archive shows the whole thing.

    I could add something to each post, saying if there is or is not more, but thats really clumsy and inelegant.