Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blog To-Do

Things I want to do with the blog:

*Hack the HTML enough to make the sidebar wider (or choose an alternate layout, but I kinda like this one) because links are getting wrapped and messy looking
*Figure out how to post just a preview of my posts, making the front page easier to read
-Once the layout is squared away, I've got an awesome picture create a nice banner/header with
*Explore PGN viewers for blogging, as well as Chessup's diagram creator (if it'll save my color settings, then I'll make the board look nicer and more fitting for the color scheme)
-Get the other 10 or so blogs I'm reading daily added to my sidebar and fill out the non-blog site list
-Add a box or section to the sidebar with my FICS handle (gorckat) and info
-Tags or no-tags? Better to decide on that now, rather than going back and tagging 100+ posts down the road!

*Any recommendations for stuff marked "*" would be appreciated. No need to reinvent too many wheels!

Feature Ideas I've got cookin':

-Interviews with random people. (This'll be a tricky one- I'm touched with a dose of Social Anxiety Disorder. Basically, I function very well with people when we stay in the roles the current social situation demands- waiter/diner, cashier/shopper, chess father/chess coach at a tournament. Asking people to be interviewed will push me out of the nest in a big way.)
-Chess pictures. I did some digging at Deviant Art to find the picture for my banner (the photographer was very gracious in giving me their permission to use it and their gallery will be linked as soon as I have it ready!) and want to link some of them, as well as taking my own casual pictures. I have several in mind involving one of my cats...
-Live blogging a major chess game. It could be fun to liveblog a game being shown elsewhere as an exercise in evaluation and commentary.

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