Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life is always busy, huh?

I've had some time for a few games on FICS over the last month (been aiming for longer games, although none have gone the distance), but haven't put down enough time for study.

Hoping to get a shot in the next couple weeks for ArchBishops_Artists U1600 team. Our captain had been eyeing a match against a team that had only 4 people and the 4th board was more closer to my rating than other likely mathcups, but I believe they added at leat one member just prior to the add/drop deadline.

I also got sucked into Civ 5 pretty hard the last couple weeks. My wife is so hooked on the game and has been staying up so late she had to go into work late one morning :P She didn't grow up playing things like Wing Commander, Pirates and Silent Service for 24 hour marathons and lacks the ability to will oneself through the next day like I can :D

After a frustrating day in the ER with her (she had severe stomach pains, no certain cause identified so she is making an appointment with her primary doc for tomorrow) I hope to get some chess in tonight.


  1. What, Civ 5 is already out???? To be honest, I do not blame you for ignoring chess.

    Best wishes for your wife.

  2. Thanks.

    We spent Monday in the ER again. Still no answers. Specialist doctor appointment next Friday.

    My wife told me to bring my laptop before we left the house, so I played a bunch of Civ and also a couple games out of Logical Chess :P