Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Team League Game


Here's the Watchbot version commentary by myself at points. Once run through Crafty and more review by me, I'll update this post.


  1. Nice game; it's always wonderful to start with a win. I am wondering why you rejected 17. Qxc5.

    Finally got Civ 5. So far, it seems it's the first in the series that doesn't improve on its predecessor.

    Any update on your wife?

  2. I expected him to save the Rook with 17... Rf8 after which I was thinking something like 18. f5 and further opening the kingside. Instead, he gave me the Rook.

    The last Civ I played was Civ II. I've been reading a lot on the Civ Fanatics forum and see all the complaints about the game, but for me it's awesome. I'm not gonna go fanboy and say there are no flaws (Diplomacy is pretty shoddy), but they don't ruin it for me.

    Wife is likely out of work until November 5th. No diagnosis- just dull, achey pain.