Monday, August 16, 2010

Cleaning up, taking stock, looking forward

Donnie was right- a number or folks around the last time I was active have faded out.

I removed blog links with no posts in 2010 from the 'roll. I'll be looking to clear any other essentially inactive links from there and other widgets shortly, and will then move forward adding new sites.

Chessimo customer support rocked it over the weekend and let me use my old PCT code- I had installed PCT on a computer that crashed, and couldn't get it to work on the Vista machine that replaced it. Now, with a Windows 7 laptop at home, I can use the software no problem, and they were hassle free in making it happen.

Found my old improvement thread at Blew me away...I have totally forgotten more about my training in the past two years than I recall!

I've learned a lot about real-world time-management the last two years. I have a better grasp of my limitations, and also my strengths. Once I have a routine planned, I know I need to work it for 21 days solid to make it a habit. Recording/sharing my progress will help make me accountable for it, so I'll have to incorporate blogging time to do so, as well as blog maintenance/reading time.

I'll get the weekly art feature back up and running shortly, as well. I really liked that.

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