Friday, August 13, 2010

Chess Bug

Vanished off the face of the earth due to personal/work issues.

Got 30-day lay-off notice. Wife caught pneumonia. Missed two weeks of work. Told after returning to work and declining family offers to help take care of wife that all the time I had missed would be unpaid due to an HR error and that I should have been monitoring the accumulations myself.

Lucked into a new job starting a couple days after the old one ended.

Touched my chess set maybe 4 times in the last two years. Stumbled onto a chess game sign-up at a forum I hang out at. Downloaded Babas.

My apologies to everyone whom I had games with that I bailed on. I'd gladly play one with you in the near future :)

I'm just going to bounce along and try to enjoy myself.


  1. Wow wow wow. I thought you just disappeared off the face of the Earth!

    Hopefully your personal situation has improved...sounds like you're doing OK now.

    Some old standbys of the chess blogosphere are gone or in reduced capacity as you might expect.

  2. Yeah- I kind of just quit fun stuff for awhile, felt guilty about bailing on everyone and then kind of forgot about chess for a good while.

    I lost about an hour of work time today skimming links to see who was still around and looking at old emails and posts and stuff.

    I'm a little blown away at some of the old hindsight, I didn't realize how connected I was and how meaningful some of the relationships were becoming.