Monday, January 28, 2008

Who plays at FICS?

Reading a week old post at liquid egg product, I saw a number of bloggers dabbling at FICS. Doubting anyone would see a comment there, I'm advertising here.

I'm gorckat on FICS (and just about everywhere else online :P), so feel free to hit me up sometime. I'm gonna add anyone whose handle was in the comments at lep to my friends/notify lists. You'll be my very first's like first grade all over again!

Using the Examine options it'd be possible to get all jiggy with study sessions and stuff, as well.


  1. I signed up some time ago, but unfortunately not had time to jump in and play or practice. My handle is uxchess, BTW.

    Pawned! -

  2. I play at FICS using the handle Rhuiden. I am there several times each week.

  3. I am Ihaveagirlfriend, and doing rather badly at the moment.