Thursday, January 24, 2008


I've strayed from the chess path the last few weeks. My desktop hasn't been able to get online since Xmas. My daughter has been generous with her new laptop so I've been able to keep up with things that way. I still haven't ported PCT over to the laptop (until I get a wireless modem, her laptop goes online in place of the desktop- too much hassle to switch back and forth), however, so I've been rusty there.

One of our dogs, an 18-year old Shih-Tzu, had been deteriorating since Xmas and passed over the weekend, so I'm even more apathetic towards chess. I'm trying to be the strong one for my wife and I know in a month I'll breakdown, but I need to get her through the next week or so.

I've played a few games out of Logical Chess when I had time over the last few weeks, but I haven't played so I'm not sure what I got out of them.

I was looking at the Polgar brick last was a mate in two with two rooks and two knights versus a pawn. I was like, "Who gives a shit if its mate in two? With delay I can mate with the rooks no problem!"

I'm also struggling at my job, low income energy assistance...I'm sick of everyone else's problems, that every person coming in is a crisis and needs dealing with right away and gets bumped in front of the 1000 people who mailed their stuff in months ago to avoid crisis, that I haven't gotten a raise in 2.5 years and my income is the same as it was seven years ago even the moves I've made were supposed to be the next step up, that (as the Operations guy) I have to fucking do and fix everything, that the intake and data entry people stop for lunch at 12 on the dot leaving me to finish intake for people allowed to sign in until 12! Blah.

The only thing I've kept up on is my IECG games. I'm about to come out or just came out of book in most of them, so things should get spicey.

I haven't surfed chess blogs in awhile, and looking at the list of blogs here, I'm thinking I might feel better doing so.

And screw this damn post preview crap! There is no more- its all right there!


  1. Sorry to hear about all the crap you've got to deal with. I guess this is one of those times when the real world knocks Caissa out with an upper cut and reminds you that there's a bunch of stuff happening that actually matters. Like I've said before - I love chess and obsess about it, but I will not hesitate to cut back on it severely if necessary - pretty much everything else in life is more important than this game. Hope you can work out everything and let the chess mistress back in your life when the time is right.

  2. Sorry to hear about your RL situations. The only thing I can say is that this stuff tends to pass (or you get used to it), and life tends to look better a month later.

    Don't abandon chess, though. Everyone needs to make a little time for what they enjoy!