Saturday, September 18, 2010

Several updates for the Book

EDIT: Finally figured out what was wrong with the PGN viewer, so now the games are visible.

In this first one, I drop a pawn (recurring theme) early by not counting out.

However, I counter-attack a little later when things are bleak and my opponent seemed to overestimate my chances and I cracked his position open. A dropped Bishop quickly becomes game.

The turning point is 15. ... Nxh5 when my pieces are allowed to sieze initiative and everything aiming at my cornered king becomes a target.

This next one I drop a pawn in the opening, but at least I saw the traps and pins I would have been subject to if I had tried to get it back. I should have played 7. O-O-O, but instead 7. Bd3 d5 and my Queen could get pinned by the Rook, or 8. ... d4 wins a piece.

I scrapped, but my opponent made no mistakes and gave no ground.

I'm not sure this next one counts as "dropping" a pawn...I end up with a complete lead in development (my Queen and no other pieces moved by either side except O-O :P).

22. ... a4 dooms a Knight to no escape, and then it is essentially clean up time as I scrape pawns off the board.

However...I missed a forced mate at 34. Kf5 and should have won a lot faster.

(34. ... Bc8+ 35. Re6 Kf7 36. g4 Bxe6#)

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