Thursday, September 10, 2020

Holy wow- it's alive!

I am a little surprised that this blog still exists, and pleased it is linked to my Google account since there is no way I could have ever remembered the password!

And more than a little chagrined that I have not yet gotten through The Amateur's Mind in the intervening ten years... LiChess has been a blessing for my chess itch. Started off using it for 10/0 games and some correspondence, and now mostly 3+2 games.

As happens in my ADHD brain (discovered as such in my late 30's a few years ago) I flit and float hobby to hobby, but chess has always been one to pull me back. I started on LiChess late 2017, and have played often. Aside from watching YouTube and Twitch for chess content, I hadn't really picked up books again until recently. Chessable is a hits the way my brain works and re-awakened an eagerness to learn and improve a smidge.

Let's see how long a dedicated itch persists and see if slow games and correspondence games can't get back in the rotation. Maybe in my 40's I am appreciating the persistent hobbies and passions better. I picked up photography about 18 months ago and that has no signs of slowing. Let's kick a little rust off the writing side too :P

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