Thursday, February 14, 2008

gorckat vs NoTB: LEPers 1, Round 1

Since LEP has plans to run/coordinate more tournaments, I'm calling this inagural event...LEPers 1! Damn, I'm clever.

Here's a few positions from my Round 1 game with Glenn (he has a viewer with the game as well as his thoughts over at his blog, Houston Chess):

I think b3 and then Bb2 to support the d-pawn long-term would have been better than Re1. Maybe I'd push the f-pawn later, or need to get the rook to d1? I think the rook move was premature.

Crafty likes h3 better than my d5. I pushed to avoid dropping the pawn and/or getting the kingside ripped open (which happened anyway after 12. ... Ne5)

Played Qa3 to save the b-pawn. I missed that after 19.Rb1, my Queen was covered by the g3 Bishop and thought 19. ... Bxf3+ won my Queen. I often miss long Bishop moves, but usually in a way that drops a piece, not defends my own. Anyone know good Bishop move drills to make those long moves pop more?

I didn't give b4 enough thought, but it's about a pawn better than my Na4, according to Crafty. The line would not have been much easier as Crafty gives (with my own !s) 22.b4 Bxf3+! 23.Kxf3 Qc6+ 24.Ne4 f5 25.Qe3 Bh6!! 26.Qe2 fxe4+ 27.Kg2 e3+ and then there's a few ways to go, either trying to squirrel away the King or blocking with f3:

Nasty stuff.

This was my last shot, hoping for a "cheap" Mate in 2, but Glenn found one of several ways out with g5.


  1. Until 34. Be5+? I thought that you had good practical drawing chances. After that I was up two connected passed pawns with a simple win.

    But before that I was up one pawn with a better pawn structure.

    That is a big difference. I might have been winning before Be5+ but with all of the pawns on one wing and a rook and bishop still on the win could be difficult.

  2. I think b3 and then Bb2 to support the d-pawn long-term
    b3 leaves the knight temporarily unprotected, so ...c5 looks strong against b3 in that position.

  3. I didn't give b4 enough thought

    That move seems unnatural, and I may not have even considered it. The pawn structure looks ugly, the b4 Pawn simply looks more vulnerable, and the Knight loses its protection.

    As far as the Bishop exercises? Don't know of any, sorry.